Returning Art to the Unclean

I had been curious about Last Rites Gallery for a few weeks. Some of their exhibits caught my eye so I dropped by this weekend to check out Brian M. Viveros’ opening for “Returning Art to the Unclean.”

Last Rites is unlike any art gallery I’ve ever been to. It is part gallery, part tattoo parlor, part bar, and theater. Like so many peculiar places in NY, Last Rites is tucked away inside the belly of a somewhat typical building. As you climb the steps to the third floor and walk further in, you start to feel like you are deep in the forbidden bowels of Disneyworld, where they kill tourists and sacrifice virgins in order to fuel their magical rides.

Overall, Brian Viveros’ opening reception was great fun. I spent the night discussing self-piercings, suspensions, tattoos, and obscure documentaries. The art was gorgeous, gritty, sexy… One of my favorite moments was when I discovered a single eyelash stuck to the painting titled “Unclean.” I’m not sure if this delicate little lash was placed there strategically, but it was cute as a bunny; it really made my night. The crew at Last Rites looked sharp, especially Ms. Genevive Zacconi who was sporting a fitted skirt suit, and a red flower in her hair. Really lovely.

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