The Cotton Candy Machine

So, I got home at midnight tonight after a few tough days of hard work… So brain not working. Will speak like cave woman. Graphics almost done. Show is almost here. Announcement coming soon. Please mark calendars for October 13th!!!!!!

The Geico cave men would be so upset.

I haven’t had much free time these days but I’m dying to visit the Tara McPherson store in Willy B. If you look on google maps, it is really close to The Knitting Factory. The store is called the Cotton Candy Machine, and from the pics I’ve seen, it’s delicious. They sell prints, shirts, pillows, and other awesome stuff. From what I understand, they also sell some items from other artists like Alex Pardee, Jermaine Rogers, Leia Bell, Miss Van, and others… So if you’re in the mood for a visual orgasm, you should check it out.

Here is some of Tara McPherson’s work. Enjoy!!

3 Responses to “The Cotton Candy Machine”

  1. I actually met her once in San Diego. She was a little icy like some of her characters. Or maybe heartless? Orrrrr maybe she was just tired! But I still like her work.

    • :/ Ouch. I’m hoping she was just tired. I met her at her shop in Brooklyn. She wasn’t terribly nice to me, but I did interrupt her morning meeting, so I think she was just a little busy. Her husband is real cool. I chatted with him for a bit. He has a really nice spirit.

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