Chelsea Arts District in September

Chelsea was buzzing last night. It’s September!! People are back in the city cruising galleries. I looooooooooove it!!!

For an artist, it’s really a sight to see… Crowds of sharp people in stylish clothes, looking for a specific show, asking where the bathroom is… A lot of them have come down with some odd illness that prohibits them from smiling, but whatever, it’s all good. People are beautiful, even when they’re too cool for school. 😛

One of the maintenance guys stops me to ask when my show is.

I say October 13th.

He asks, why the 13th?

I say, don’t know, ’cause that’s when it’ll be ready.

He asks if I’m doing anything in September.

I say… Um, painting. The show is October 13th.

He says, oh, right….

We both grin like idiots, not knowing what else to say… enjoying simple pleasantries.

I take a swig of diet coke as I head off into the night. The cold breeze fills my nostrils. Chatter swims in the air currents. The High Line above glows like a wood fairy.

I don’t have the illness, so I smile.

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