The Precious Rejects Show Launches in 3 Weeks!

There are 3 weeks left until my art exhibit, The Precious Rejects Show, launches in New York!!!

Of course, like anything worth going to, the action behind-the-scenes is a thunderstorm of ideas, crazy to-do lists, and a lot of what ifs. The cushy nest in my head, otherwise known as “my happy place” is getting smaller and harder to find.

Nonetheless, I’m psyched!! Sure, I’m running on coffee and passion, but that’s what it’s all about. Any work of love demands more than your time. It takes your soul… I say this in my witchiest voice, of course. Wa. ha. ha. ha. ha!!!!!!!

Alright, so maybe I could use a day at the spa, but still, I am really enjoying every bit of the madness. My team is ridiculous!! They are talented, beautiful people who really understand that this show is about reaching creatures from all walks of life. I am a firm believer that works of art should be shared.

My Facebook “LIKE” page will be up soon so keep an eye open and please spread our beautiful disease throughout all corners of the world. Tell your friends. Tell your grandma. Tell your barista.

The Precious Rejects Show comes to New York on October 13th!  :::INSERT DRUMS HERE:::

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