Welcomed to Miami

For months, there’s been this croaky hobgoblin voice in the pit of my head, saying, “Go write.” So here I am, sitting at my laptop, looking over my previous posts, realizing ten lifetimes have passed since then. I am not sure where to pick up again. It’s been rather busy around here, and the thought of sitting here attempting to flesh out these experiences into words, makes me shrivel like a dead lily.

I moved back to Miami, a little over a year ago. After a long absence, I’ve had such a great time rediscovering this city.  I can’t say I don’t miss New York . I miss it like hell, but still, I like it here. There’s a part of me that definitely feels more at peace. Days feel longer. I love the expansive skies. The sunsets. The long drives to The Keys. I feel closer to that evanescent H word that rhymes with sappy.

So much has changed, and there’s been a lot to take in, but this calm is breeding new work at its own steady pace. Miami has a kind of rhythm for me that is unlike all the glorified versions of this city. While I won’t deny the sultriness of this mojito capital, my version of Miami is grundgier, calmer. It holds a kind of illusory truth about me… This city knows where I went to school, the places I lived, my brother’s pet birds, my sister’s car accident. It knows about that time I told that cop my name was Jennifer Lopez to avoid getting in trouble for skipping school. It’s where I met my husband. I wasn’t able to appreciate this degree of intimacy before. Growing up here, I always felt a bit like an outsider, but now that I’ve returned, this familiarity has really caught me by surprise. In some disconcerting way, it almost feels like love.  

I am coming out of my hole today to thank you for your continued support and good energy. The last year of my life has been an incredible journey. Often maddening, but definitely not boring. Reclusion is part of the process for me, so I won’t apologize. But I will say, that I’ve missed you. The interactions, the notes under the table, your extraordinary faces. All of it. You are the reason I exhibit. You are what takes the experience of being an artist from introspection to connection. Thank you.

Now that Basel is around the corner, I’m excited to come out of the shadows, into the glorious Miami sunshine. I hope you’ll join me.

2 Responses to “Welcomed to Miami”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    hi.lisa! I like the narrative.,tu forma de describir tu atmosfera completa una entretenida lectura.

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