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Emily Wells

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Feelin’ so musical. I think it’s the weather. Emily Wells, I love this woman.


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Something especially exciting happened yesterday and something particularly upsetting happened today. This post is really about neither of those things.


I sometimes mock friends who continually look at the dark side of life. When some great event happens they become extra paranoid that something terrible is coming their way.  Most of the time, their world remains in tact, but the few instances in which something goes awry they are prepared. Armed with a smug smile, and an unhealthy dose of cynicism, they tell me they knew it all along. The world is out to get them. I don’t agree with this faulty logic, but on days like today I completely understand the need for this level of insulation.

When something especially nice happens to me, I see rainbows and butterflies. I thank my lucky stars, skip through streets, and give out free hugs. I welcome the urge to feel like a child on Christmas. Part of me thinks that’s what life is about, being able to handle more knowledge and responsibility while protecting that portion of you that’s still a kid. I refuse to give it up.

But I won’t lie. It does suck when something unexpectedly douche-y comes my way, and pisses on my cloud parade. This morning I was all smiles. I had a romantic vision of a glorious day that was supposed to start off with a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice, but it never came. Now it’s midday and some of that romance has dissolved.

The kid in me is too distracted to care. I should be outside playing ninja instead of sulking in disillusion. It’s a bit cloudy, but still a nice day and there are plenty of juice bars in NYC. Even if the apocalypse rains down on me the second I take my first sip, at least I’ll go down on my terms.

Palm Tree Wonderland

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Breaking Bad Screening Lab in Hollywood - Saul...

I’ve imagined people watching me as I sleep. Last night, I half-awoke three times to find two Mexican cowboy farmers standing over me, then some guy in a baseball cap, and a shadow figure in the closet. These disturbances may have something to do with the fact that I’ve been falling asleep to episodes of Breaking Bad—pleeease don’t say anything, I haven’t caught up yet—but, I’m guessing there’s more to it.

I’m pretty sure the house where I’m staying is not haunted, though my room is especially dark and quiet. This is what happens when you take a chick from Brooklyn and put her smack in the tranquil fairytale of Pinecrest.

So much has happened in the past weeks. I closed The Precious Rejects Show in New York, moved out of my studio, flew to Miami for a long vacation, turned 30, celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and family, went on a camping trip to The Keys, and as is common with my damaged little brain, I’ve questioned every decision I’ve ever made, and of course my reason for LIVING.

Miami is lovely. Too lovely. There are no 3 am garbage-truck-alarms roaring on the streets. No uncomfortable drafts creeping through my room. No icy raindrops tapping on the sill. I can’t suppress the fantasy of moving into a spacious house in my ol’ hometown with a pool that sparkles like a Swiss Blue Topaz.

Don’t get me wrong, New York, I love you, but you can be a real dick. As much as I enjoy running back into your arms, your beatings are getting rougher and more frequent. You are sexy, interesting, and you keep me on my toes, but the grass is literally greener on this side.

What’s a girl to do?

Away From My Desk

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Hello everybody, I’m in Miami on vacation. I know I’ve disappeared the past few days, but I’ve been tending to very important matters such as playing pool, laying out in the sun, eating Hispanic food… and these vodka sours aren’t going to drink themselves.

Big hugs, New York, for the fabulous response to The Precious Rejects Show!! Many of you thanked me for bringing my work to the NY scene. I truly appreciate the love and look forward to sharing the many projects that are brewing in my mind.

For those of you who missed the show, I will upload pictures of the work soon.

Thanks for all your letters and sweet messages. I love reading them!! So keep ‘em coming.

The Precious Rejects Show Launches in 3 Weeks!

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There are 3 weeks left until my art exhibit, The Precious Rejects Show, launches in New York!!!

Of course, like anything worth going to, the action behind-the-scenes is a thunderstorm of ideas, crazy to-do lists, and a lot of what ifs. The cushy nest in my head, otherwise known as “my happy place” is getting smaller and harder to find.

Nonetheless, I’m psyched!! Sure, I’m running on coffee and passion, but that’s what it’s all about. Any work of love demands more than your time. It takes your soul… I say this in my witchiest voice, of course. Wa. ha. ha. ha. ha!!!!!!!

Alright, so maybe I could use a day at the spa, but still, I am really enjoying every bit of the madness. My team is ridiculous!! They are talented, beautiful people who really understand that this show is about reaching creatures from all walks of life. I am a firm believer that works of art should be shared.

My Facebook “LIKE” page will be up soon so keep an eye open and please spread our beautiful disease throughout all corners of the world. Tell your friends. Tell your grandma. Tell your barista.

The Precious Rejects Show comes to New York on October 13th!  :::INSERT DRUMS HERE:::

Chelsea Arts District in September

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Chelsea was buzzing last night. It’s September!! People are back in the city cruising galleries. I looooooooooove it!!!

For an artist, it’s really a sight to see… Crowds of sharp people in stylish clothes, looking for a specific show, asking where the bathroom is… A lot of them have come down with some odd illness that prohibits them from smiling, but whatever, it’s all good. People are beautiful, even when they’re too cool for school. 😛

One of the maintenance guys stops me to ask when my show is.

I say October 13th.

He asks, why the 13th?

I say, don’t know, ’cause that’s when it’ll be ready.

He asks if I’m doing anything in September.

I say… Um, painting. The show is October 13th.

He says, oh, right….

We both grin like idiots, not knowing what else to say… enjoying simple pleasantries.

I take a swig of diet coke as I head off into the night. The cold breeze fills my nostrils. Chatter swims in the air currents. The High Line above glows like a wood fairy.

I don’t have the illness, so I smile.

Dearest ART SHOW!

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I wish with all my heart that I could communicate with birds. The first thing I’d ask them is how to build a nest. Birds pick among the many scraps of twigs and debris and they build a home for their darlings. Right now my brain is loaded with scraps and debris and while I know that there is a form in there somewhere, I have yet to bring it to completion.

Some of you know that I am working towards my first solo art show. It was originally planned for July, but to bring you the best possible show I have changed it to October. Official announcements will come next week!!! For now, I can tell you that it will be in the heart of the Chelsea Arts District in New York City.

I can honestly say, without ego, that I am working towards a beautiful and spectacular show. I am proud of my work. I am incredibly proud of my extraordinary team who has come together to make this possible. I can’t wait to introduce them to you.

This collection is the most honest thing I’ve ever made. I’ve put my all into it, so if you don’t love me at least a bit more after coming to see it, we should probably stop being friends. I think it would be best. 🙂 In all honesty, it has taken a lot out of me and I’m terribly excited to share it with everyone!!

My mind is full of great ideas, and now comes the hard part. Editing. How do I take all the wonderful concepts, requirements, limitations, budgets, and build a beautiful nest for my darlings?

Anyone speak Bird?